Beverages trading-Soft drink-IMPORT EXPORT BEVERAGES AND FOOD
MULTIDRINK SRL IMPORT EXPORT BY BEVERAGESTRADING AND HIS EXPORT department is INVOLVED WITH ALL DOCUMENTATIONS NECESSARY TO EXPORT TO FAR EAST AND MOSTLY CHINA WE PROVIDE ALL CERTIFICATES NECESSARY TO BETTER FACILITATE YOUR IMPORT IN FAR EAST (CERTIFIACTE OF ORIGIN+EUR 1 CERTIFICATE+ANALYSIS CERTIFICATE+CERTIFICATE OF PROVENANCE RELEASED BY THE AUTHORIZED MINISTERY OF OFFICE OF PRODUCTION MULTIDRINK SRL BY HIS EXPORT SERVICE OF FAST MOVING CONSUMER GOODS FMCG THANKS TOO ITS PERFORMED AND EXPERIENCED EXPORT SERVICE, MULTIDRINK SRL AND BEVERAGESTRADING WILL OFFER TO YOU THE POSSIBILITY FOR IMPORTING A VERY WIDE RANGE OF WELL-KNOWN BEERS +FOOD+ DRINKS AND LIQUORS +SPIRITS +TOILETRIES AT VERY ACTRACTIVE PRICES MULTIDRINK SRL EXPORT INTO ALL OVER THE WORLD ALSO RISOLVE ALL KINDS OF CUSTOMS FORMALITIES INTO AND FROM UK BEFORE BREXIT has a large assortiment of trucks/containers of beers, beverages ,soft drinks ,spirits, champagnes and wines stocked in bonded warehouses all over the world to be shipped to all yuor customers, through our bond facilities and shipping companies Multidrink srl para" tiene assortimento grande de camiones/contenedores de las cervezas, bebidas, refrescos, espíritus, champanes y vinos abastecidos en depósitos avalados, listos a ser transportado en por todo el mundo, por nuestras instalaciones de obligación y compañías navieras .If usted está interesado no vacilan en ponerse en contacto con nosotros tiene um grande assortiment de caminhões/containeres de cervejas, bebidas, bebidas suaves, espíritos, champanhas e vinhos estocados em depósitos hipotecados, prontos para ser embarcado em em todo o mundo, pelas nossas facilidades IMPORT EXPORT BELGIAN BEERS WE PROVIDE THE BEST BELGIAN BEERS FROM AROUND 60 DIFFERENTS BELGIAN BREWERIES. WE CAN BE YUOR SINGLE POINT OF CONTACT FOR A WIDE RANGE OF 300 DIFFERENT BELGIAN BEERS (MADE IN FLANDRES AND IN WALLONIE) TO FIT YOUR SPECIFIC MARKET .YOU WILL RECEIVE A PERSONALIZED SERVICE OF GROUPAGE OF MIXED BELGIAN OR NEDERLANDS OR ENGLISH BEERS TOO THAT YUO CAN FILL UP IN A SINGLE CONTAINER OF 20'' OR A 40 '